Printable Letters From Santa
Child Dreamed About Santa

Text of the letter:

Dear _______________,

Thank you so much for writing and telling me about your dream. Dreams are so interesting! I’m always excited to hear that I “appeared” in someone’s dream, and what silly things I “did.”

Your brain is so busy, even when you are fast asleep. Did you know that dreams come from the same place in your brain that feelings do? That means that if you’ve been thinking a lot about someone or something while you’re awake, it’s likely that the subject could “star” in your next dream!

I love that we have smart brains that tell us stories in our sleep. Just the other night, I dreamed that my reindeer were building toys in my workshop, right next to the elves. I woke up laughing!

Speaking of sleep, remember to go to bed early on Christmas Eve so you get plenty of rest. I hope you dream of my visit!



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