Printable Letters From Santa
Child Peeked At Gifts

Text of the letter:

Dear _______________,

I got your letter. I was disappointed to hear that you peeked at your gifts, but I’m proud of you for confessing. I understand what it’s like to be curious and excited.

Next, you should tell your grownups. They will probably be disappointed as well. Parents and guardians work hard to shop for and buy kids’ presents, and they love seeing surprised faces on Christmas morning.

I don’t think your grownups will take your gifts away because you peeked. Your “punishment” is probably your own feelings of guilt, and then not having as many surprises on Christmas. They will probably find a new hiding spot, though!

Next year you will be older and have more of what’s called “willpower.” Make a promise to yourself that you will never go snooping for your gifts, whether it’s your birthday, Christmas, or even an Easter basket. That just takes away from the fun of the holiday.



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