Printable Letters From Santa
Letter to Santa Checklist

Text of the letter:

Dear Santa,

It's still a few weeks before Christmas, and I was hoping that even if I've been naughty this year, I still have a few chances to get back on the nice list.

Could you help me figure out what to work on before Christmas? I really want a ______________________________________ .

Listening to Parents:Nice     Naughty
Paying Attention in School:NiceNaughty
Sharing with Friends:NiceNaughty
Playing Nicely with Siblings:     NiceNaughty
Doing Chores:NiceNaughty
Finishing Homework:NiceNaughty
Telling the Truth:NiceNaughty
Treating Others Gently:NiceNaughty
Being Positive:NiceNaughty
Helping Out:NiceNaughty



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