Printable Letters From Santa
Magic Elf First Report

Text of the letter:

Dear Santa,

Thank you for deploying me to this wonderful family, sir! I already loved spending time here and getting to know everyone. (Also, their toothbrushes are all the perfect size for cleaning out my ears, so that’s a nice bonus!)

As you suspected, sir, this home has some very good children who so far belong on the “Nice” list. Well, there’s one kid who thinks it’s possible to get away with some “Naughty” stuff on the downlow, but as you know, I see everything that goes on here.

I have been set up nicely, and it seems thus far that the family doesn’t know what a little stinker I can be. I have yet to go fishing for Goldfish crackers in their toilet, so they still like me quite a bit. I think I’ll start small at first. You know, stuff like changing the names of all the contacts in their phones.

I could really get used to this kind of life! I hope I get to come back here every Christmas season and hang out with a cool family like this. Looking forward to sending you my daily report on everyone’s Nice/Naughty status!



The Magic Elf

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