Printable Letters From Santa
Magic Elf Naughty Behavior Report

Text of the letter:

Dear Santa,

I am very sorry to say that there was a lot of Naughty behavior at this house today. I really love this family, and we have a lot of fun, but I am worried that if they don't start acting Nicer soon, they are going to end up on the Naughty list.

Among other things, today I saw a lot of fighting and kids not listening. I know chores aren't a lot of fun, but they are important, and it was very disappointing to see the children whine and talk back and drag their feet instead of helping around the house.

All in all, though, these kids are so great! They're fun and funny and clever. So why are they saying mean things to each other and taking each other's toys? They must know that isn't nice. I hope they learn to share and say kind things soon, or I'm sure you won't want to bring them very many toys for Christmas.

I'll make sure I keep my eyes open for any changes. I'm sure they'll do better tomorrow. They're trying very hard and are usually so good at being kind and helpful. Tomorrow is another day!



The Magic Elf

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