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Magic Elf Nice Behavior Report

Text of the letter:

Dear Santa,

I am sending you a report posthaste because I cannot believe how good this family is! It's a whole clan of Nice List(tm) entries!

Today I observed the children being kind to each other and sharing their toys. They helped with dinner and setting the table, and then after dinner they cleaned up their plates! After everything was put away, they worked hard on their homework. I swear I even saw someone brush their teeth before bed without being asked.

It has been a very good day. I mean, these are already good kids, and I know they try hard every day, but this was some particularly A+ Nice Behavior.

I hope they are this good at listening to their parents and teachers every day, even when it's hard. They are already so great at using their words and being thoughtful with each other. I know they'll do a great job leading up to Christmas. Not too long to go!

Thanks again for stationing me here. I really love hanging out with this family, and I look forward to sending you my next report tomorrow!



The Magic Elf

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