Printable Letters From Santa
Rudolph Bullies Reconciliation

Text of the letter:

Dear _______________,

Do you know any bullies? I do! The other reindeer used to laugh at me, and call me names. They made fun of my shiny red nose, and shut me out of their games. It made me so mad, and also sad!

I thought they might be nicer after I was the one to lead the sleigh one stormy night thanks to my nose lighting up. But that didn’t last long. After a few weeks, all of the reindeer were back to being jerks!

What finally worked was me going to grownups, in this case Santa and Mrs. Claus, and telling them I did not feel safe or loved. That’s when things started to change! The Clauses had quite a talk with the other reindeer, and soon they were showing empathy and caring. Now we are friends.



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