Printable Letters From Santa
Rudolph Daily Life

Text of the letter:

Dear _______________,

Thank you so much for writing! I don’t get a lot of letters, if you can believe that! Maybe it’s because I’m not the one in charge of the presents. I am in charge of leading Santa’s sleigh, though.

Did you want to know more about my daily life up here at the North Pole? Well, when it’s not the holiday season, I play a lot of reindeer games with my reindeer friends. But as soon as fall rolls around, that’s when things really heat up!

I get up at around six in the morning and eat some feed. (I keep asking for a share of the Christmas cookies, but Mrs. Claus insists that they’re not good for me.) Then, I do a bunch of exercises to stay limber for the big flight. Imagine “Leg Day” with four legs. It’s intense!

If I have extra time, I head over to the workshop and hang out with the elves. It’s really bustling as we get ready to deliver presents to you and all the other good little boys and girls. If you hear some noise on your roof on Christmas Eve, that’s me!



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