Printable Letters From Santa
Santa Bad Grades

Text of the letter:

Dear _______________,

I got your letter about your grades. First off, I need you to know that I will never withhold presents from a good little boy or girl because of grades. Please don’t worry about that for one second!

The past couple of school years have been hard on a lot of kids, especially with remote learning and the need to keep families, teachers, and staff safe. I totally understand if your schoolwork has suffered, and I expect that your grownups do as well. Remember, if you need help, reach out to a teacher or parent so you can get connected with resources to help you make sure you understand the material and can do your very best.

Please read those last few words again. Do your very best. I am so proud of you just trying your best, being resilient, and remembering that community and family are more important than a grade in school.



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