Printable Letters From Santa
Santa Christmas Pranks

Text of the letter:

Dear _______________,

Did you know that I love pranks? There was that time I went to take a drink from a cup of milk, and it was frozen solid. Or how about the time I showed up to a house on Christmas Eve and it was decorated for Halloween?

There are all kinds of fun tricks you can pull during the holiday season. But it’s important that you only choose pranks that won’t harm people or property. Even hurting someone’s feelings for the sake of a joke is not OK!

Instead, having fun moving a “magic” elf around, or put Tootsie Rolls out in the snow and tell everyone it’s reindeer poop. Or, there’s the classic trick of wrapping a small present in a series of increasingly larger boxes. Just be sure it’s a good gift!

Have fun, but stay safe and think of others’ feelings. I know you’re clever enough to come up with some really good pranks this year.



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