Printable Letters From Santa
Santa Letter Brand Name Toys

Text of the letter:

Dear Susie,

I hear you've been asking a lot of questions about me recently. That's great! I love it when kids use their curiosity to find out new things. It sounds like you've specifically been wondering how it is that so many of the toys I bring on Christmas are brand-name items or say things like "Made in China" on them.

That's a great question! I'm sure you've heard the lore that my elves in the North Pole make every toy by hand, and that used to be true! We started out as a very small operation a few hundred years ago, but recently, companies started making very interesting, specialized toys like robots and video games and movie merchandise.

So let's just say that Mrs. Claus is a very savvy business executive who has made a lot of good deals for our operations. I would be violating several hundred international non-disclosure agreements if I said anything further. I'm sure you understand.

Thanks for your interest, and let me know if you want anything handmade from my shop this year!



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