Printable Letters From Santa
Santa Letter Child Worried About Sleigh

Text of the letter:

Dear _______________,

A little reindeer (or maybe a letter from someone you know) informed me that you are worried about my sleigh this year. I’m writing now to tell you that there is no cause for concern!

It’s true that gas prices have risen quite a bit, which can be tough for families who need to drive to get places. But fortunately for my holiday budget, costs for the reindeer and me to deliver your gifts have not gone up. That’s because my sleigh runs on magic!

Well, perhaps not magic exactly. It’s more like a combination of children believing in me plus some aerodynamic adjustments the elves have made to the sleigh in recent years. It’s all very complicated, but trust me when I say that my sleigh is in tip-top shape and ready to fly as long and as far as is needed to deliver presents to all the good little children.

Merry Christmas!



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