Printable Letters From Santa
Santa Letter During Covid Adult

Text of the letter:

Dear Susan,

So, it looks like your wish list is going to be pretty hard to fill this year. Normally "gather with family" or "throw a party" or "celebrate at a restaurant" would be pretty doable requests, but we're living in strange times, so I'm going to need you to shift your priorities a little.

How about "a big ole barrel of root beer"? Or "a never-ending supply of seasonal cookies"? I can work with that. You're on my Nice list (but really, everyone is just for making it through this year), so let me know if there's a little something extra that you'd like in your stocking this Christmas.

I also want you to know that I'm very proud of you for doing your chores, going to work, and being nice to your family and friends even though it feels like the world is ending. You're doing a great job! If my elves could make the vaccine to the coronavirus in our workshop at the North Pole, we would do that, but for now let's celebrate however we can: online, over the phone, or by ourselves in our pajamas with some Christmas cartoons. Who's gonna stop you?



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