Printable Letters From Santa
Santa Letter Magic Key

Text of the letter:

Dear __________,

I heard that youÕve had some concerns about Christmas Eve and whether or not IÕll be able to make it into your house. ThatÕs such a great question, and youÕre a very smart and observant kid!

Just because you donÕt have a chimney doesnÕt mean that I canÕt come in and leave you presents. In fact, I have a special, magical key for just such circumstances. IÕve included it in this envelope, and itÕs just for you and your family!

This key can only be activated on Christmas Eve, and it only works for me! Before you go to bed on Christmas Eve, leave the key on the front door and say, ÒI believe in the spirit of Christmas!Ó That way, when I get to your house, the key will let me in so I can leave lots of nice presents for you and your family.

YouÕve been such a good kid this year, and IÕm very excited to visit your house. Please remember to leave a little snack for me! And have a very merry Christmas!



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