Printable Letters From Santa
Santa Letter Naughty Covid Adult

Text of the letter:

Dear Susan,

What, did you think my surveillance equipment only works on children? I can see you not wearing your mask, man. There is nothing Nicer in my book right now than people who are looking out for the health and safety of their community, and there's nothing Naughtier than being selfish and stubborn just to risk the lives of the people around you.

Oh, and don't think that doing that thing where you wear your mask into a public building that requires mask-wearing at all times gets you off the hook, because I have watched you wear the mask around your neck or under your nose the entire time. That's not how masks work! That is literally all of the inconvenience of wearing a mask and none of the health benefits of protecting yourself and others from a deadly virus!

I expect a lot better from you in the future if you want me to visit you ever again. Wear your mask or all you'll be getting for Christmas this year is the coronavirus.



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