Printable Letters From Santa
Santa Letter Naughty During Covid

Text of the letter:

Dear Susie,

This has been a really tough year, huh? I've been seeing a lot of Naughty behavior coming from you recently, and I wanted to send you a letter because it seems like you're having a hard time.

I know that the pandemic has really changed your life, and you're not able to hang out with friends, celebrate holidays, or attend school the way you used to. I get that you're really angry and frustrated. That makes a lot of sense to me! The thing is, though, that the only way we're all going to get through this pandemic is by remembering to be kind and loving. Your parents and teachers want to help you learn and grow, and it's important to be kind, help out around the house, and pay attention in class.

I also want you to remember that part of being a Nice kid means being nice to yourself. It's okay to remind yourself that you're dealing with a lot of stressful things and you're doing your best. Try to be patient and understanding with your own feelings so you can be patient and understanding with other people too. Use your words when you're upset and ask for a hug when you need one.

You're still on my Nice list for being such a great kid, and I look forward to seeing all the nice things you do this week!



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