Printable Letters From Santa
Santa Letter To Someone At College

Text of the letter:

Dear _______________,

Ho, ho! You didn’t think I could find you in your dorm? I see you when you’re sleeping; this is child’s play!

Speaking of children, did you also think you were too old to get a letter from Santa, now that you’re in college? Wrong again!

Once good little boys and girls head off to college, I update my list. There are so many new ways to be naughty or nice when far from home, and in my many years of watching, I’ve seen it all. You don’t want to go home to your family only to find coal in your stocking, do you?

In all seriousness, I am very proud of how you have conducted yourself during the fall semester, and I’m sure your parents are, too. Have a great time with your family over Winter Break, and try to be patient with them. Merry Christmas!



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