Printable Letters From Santa
Santa Revoked Toy Too Dangerous

Text of the letter:

Dear Billy,

Well, this is disappointing for both of us. When I gave you a big toy that could be dangerous, I thought that you were ready and that you would remember to be careful and kind. Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re quite there yet, so I’m taking the toy back to my workshop.

Don’t worry, I haven’t given it away to another kid. I think if you can show me that you can use caution and not use your toys to hurt other people or yourself, you might get it back someday. Maybe next Christmas! But for now, it’s not safe for you to be using this toy.

I’m sure that this is hard for you, and I’m sorry I gave you a toy you weren’t ready for. You’re still a great kid, and I hope you can enjoy the many other presents and fun toys you got this year. I look forward to giving you this gift again when you’re ready to use it the right way.



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